March 8, 2011

A Wonderful Opportunity

It was last July 2010 when me and my husband started selling dry carbon fiber sticker. I'm new to that kind of stuff and definitely a beginner to a business. Selling car racing parts and accessories is my husband's forte. It is his passion, and I his wife support him to the best of I can be.

He just then discovered this thing through the internet. As you might want to know, internet is his primary tool when it comes to business. He advertised his items through Sulit and AyosDito and I, on my part do the advertising and marketing.

my husband doing his carbon fiber sticker stuff

What is this dry carbon fiber sticker all about? It is a vinyl sticker, and compared to other stickers, it lasts long and requires a heat gun to stick-on to the surface smoothly with no bumps at all. To put on a car hood usually takes 2-3 hours, and the output? Great! It looks like you've purchased the original carbon fiber hood

But this sticker is not just just an ordinary sticker to us, something that can be torn, sold, or bought. It helped us in a way that we can never forget. Everytime I looked to Matt's baby stuff - clothes, towels, bottles, bath accessories, etc, I thought of dry carbon sticker as magical blessing. It turned out that everything we got from selling was something to be thankful for. I had this pre-shopping of Matt's stuff and nothing from our own pocket was spent. How cool is that? Aside from that, I also used that earnings for my pre-natal check ups and vitamins. Truly, it's a wonderful opportunity for both of us.

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