July 21, 2012

MKJ can speak but not in full, so what?

My toddler at 19 months
MKJ will be turning 20 months this month, and I don't care if MKJ cannnot speak like that of other child, who can say Mama, Papa, eyes, nose, and etc completely. Actually, MKJ can only speak a few words but still he can't utter the right words correctly. He says cheese like chit, nanay (Mother) as nana, saging (banana) as aging and so on and so forth. I don't know why he's like that, although I teach him how to speak, and maybe he isn't ready yet to utter words on his own. 

In the family, I get annoyed when some of them commented on why he's not speaking in full yet, that maybe I didn't teach him or I am busy with something else and didn't effort much on letting Moty speak in full. I don't care. I don't want to force my child to speak when he doesn't want to. I don't want to teach him how to say that or this, and then in return he really doesn't know about those words. What am I happy as of now is that even though MKJ can't utter words the proper way or speak some words, it's good to know that he knows everything in his environment. He knows when it is time for sleep, and let his stuff toys go in proper place. He knows how to throw something in the trash can, put his own shoes and shorts, clean his bed and sweep the floor. He even knows the thought of counting coins in my purse, and let me put my lipstick on. I am not in the fast track like what other Moms want for their child. He's smart, and I know maybe time will come that he can speak and utter words correctly and completely on his own effort. 

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