May 25, 2012

18 months of Joyous Breastfeeding

I am very happy to have breastfed MKJ for 1 year and a half, counting and counting! I have no reasons yet of weaning him and he too still enjoys nursing on my breasts. There are times that my breasts are not for nursing alone but he just wants to cuddle and play and more often happy to see my two breasts exposed. Don't mean something bad on that, but I guess MKJ knows what my breasts are really for - his food especially when he is tired and sleepy.

To have breastfed my little boy for such a long time like that is an everyday gift for him. When he needs comfort, I gave him my breasts to feel relaxed. When he is sleepy, he brestfeeds and let his other hand cuddle on my other breast. When he is full, he still searches for my breasts (for dessert) I guess. Truly, breastfeeding has empowered the best in me in raising a kid. It gave meaning to my everyday when he is not in the mood to eat or is having tantrums I can't solved. My 18 months of breastfeeding MKJ is joyous, and I will still continue my joyous journey of breastfeeding.