May 26, 2011

Hello Landmark!

Since Matt is turning six months this May and will eat solid foods, we planned to buy him a high chair that will help us feed him easily and comfortably. But then buying a high chair is really expensive! To an average, it costs P2,500 to 4,000. I also saw one that costs P14,999. So expensive!

Good thing there's Landmark! We found a high chair that is so cheap, simple and sturdy. Can you believe that I bought it for just P1,150.00? It's very simple and neat. Matt really likes it. 
Matt in his high chair
I also noticed that Landmark is a mall where good finds come in affordable prizes. Here are the other things I bought:

  • baby walker - P589
  • OshKosh pants - P559 (P799 before)
  • Garfield shirts for P200++
  • sando and shorts P200++
I don't usually shop, but Landmark will be visited again soon. :)

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