April 30, 2012

MKJ at iPlay

Everytime I went to the mall, I always gazed at children who were busy and happily playing inside play areas in the mall. I wonder what's in their smiles while playing and roaming around with other children together with their desired toys. On the other hand, I wonder too if what MKJ thinks whenever he sees children of his age doing inside those play areas.

So, one fine afternoon, while waiting for J to finish his business negotiation with his client, I decided to let MKJ experience the happy world inside a play area in the mall.

There are 5 play areas in the mall (SM Batangas). I chose one that is not crowded with kids, full of balls instead of other toys (MKJ loves playing balls), and with comfortable area to roam around. And that is iPlay.

MKJ had a blast of playing around with pools of balls and bunch of balloons. He gave the balls he picked to every kid he plays with. Thoughtful and playful he is. Here are the pictures taken when my little one is playing inside iPlay.

MKJ really had a one-hour fun at iPlay! A must try for your kiddos! :)

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