July 5, 2011

An overdue post: My 26th birthday

This post was almost a month overdue. Actually, it’s not really on my plan to blog about the things I did on my birthday but since I am blogging about the encounters in my life, okay, I will right now.

There is nothing much exciting on my 26th birthday. Although I planned to have a hair make-over at Tony & Jackey, it didn’t happen because it is not open yet at SM Batangas. I have no plans of going to other branches because I don’t think it’s really important. I can wait until December. I still love how my hair looks.

I had three important persons whom I celebrated my 26th birthday.

I had a date with GOD. Early morning of June 10 I visited the church with MKJ to pray and light candles. I prayed for good health, successful financial plans, love for my family and love for Earth. The lighted candles are for myself, MKJ, J, in-laws, family and Earth. I always see to it that church is the most prioritized place I always visit on my birthday.

I went home. Yes, home is where I was when I was not yet married. My mom cooked spaghetti for me and I bought a gallon of ice cream. I also made refrigerator bars which I read from the blog Wifely Steps. If you want to know how to make it, please go here. Celebrating your birthday with your loved ones is LOVE. I had fun!

Lastly, I had a pizza TREAT with J at Yellowcab. I love PIZZA and it is definitely my comfort food. I ate more pizza than J and I really enjoyed it. And because it is my birthday, we took home another box of Pizza.

My birthday was just an ordinary day but I celebrated it in very fruitful and special way.

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