July 11, 2011

How Transformers 3 DOTM made my Day.

J and I decided on a Saturday afternoon to watch Transformers. MKJ stayed in Momsy’s nook for a while for I can’t allow him to go with us inside the movie house. We were a bit late for the movie, and there are so many people eager to watch. The movie is very powerful compared to the previous ones. I liked much Megan Fox to that of Rose Huntington. But I really like the mini-dresses worn by Rosie in the movie. The movie is very long and captured, but that didn't make me fall asleep. I really liked it. However, I cannot forget this movie because of the unlucky things we end up from watching.
Rosie Huntington
  • ·         We watched in the balcony area, 5th row seat. My eyes are juggling to receive all the radiation from the screen. Teary eyed.
  • ·         Since we were a bit late, I had no time to buy snack. Good thing J bought Starbucks frap, Mocha. That made me stay.
  • ·         People are so noisy, I wonder if I’m in a wet market. Haha.
  • ·         After watching, we immediately rushed home for I didn’t leave extra milk for MKJ. While on a hurry, I got my sandal’s strap broken. Poor me. No sandals, no money to buy.

I asked J if I could buy a new one since that pair of sandals was bought over 1.5 years ago. And this is his answer: “Wala tayong budget for that.” Oh no! Poor me, poor me!

I end up the night not making him pansin and kibo.

This is how T3 DOTM made my day.

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